Scheduled Sponsored Travel Programs

The following programs have been scheduled under the sponsorship of the NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION:

Morocco – Amid Scented Gardens & Sultans’ Palaces
March 11 – 25, 2010
The most thorough exploration of all facets of Morocco, its history, culture, architecture, arts, lore and Berber heritage, including exclusive sites ignored by tourism masses and receptions in private residences. This program has been operated since 1995 and has consistently been rated by participants over those years as the ultimate insider’s look at Morocco.

Libya – Nine Millennia of Art & History on the Edge of the Sahara
Mid-October 2010
The program explores Libya’s immensely rich Roman, Greek and Byzantine archaeological sites along the Mediterranean coast, as well as ancient Berber settlements and the “covered” city of Ghadames, on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. An extension to the program penetrates the heart of the Sahara Desert, to see numerous sites of pre-historic rock art carved or painted on cliffs of once verdant valleys, cross the Sahara’s immense sand dune fields and swim in clear lakes in the desert’s midst.

On the Road to Timbuktu, with the Niger Festival
Late January 2011
Highlights the glorious history and architecture of the ancient Kingdom of Mali, with a special focus on the multitude of the country’s native ethnic groups, all with their own individual crafts, traditions, beliefs and folklore. The program coincides with the international Niger Festival of music and culture, held on the banks of the Niger River in Segou.

In the Works:

- Crow Canyon Archaeological Center — Libya in October 2010
- Arkansas Alumni Association — Morocco 2011
- Mizzou Alumni Association — Morocco 2011
- Vanderbilt University Alumni — Morocco 2011


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